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By: Ophiuchus 
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This is my ideal watch.

Date: Apr 27, 2013,12:22 PM -  (view entire thread)

I must confess, I do not like the case and bracelet, but given the antiquity of the item, I'm not sure what would have worked
better to channel the image.

I've studied the mechanism for years, admired it for many more. It delights me to think that even differential gearing and pierced
jewels (used in a water clock) were invented by the Greeks thousands of years ago, and we are only recently just realizing it. To me,
a watch is a piece of art, not a necessity. The original mechanism embodied all the esoterica of astronomical calculations I personally
enjoy, and to create such an art piece that functions now from the original idea makes me smile. My own watches will hopefully have
such astronomical functions as well. After all, nothing more than timekeeping except astronomical motion itself will ever remind
mankind of the wonders of existence, and our brevity in it.

The movement is beautiful. I used to be against these art pieces from companies, regarding them as useless rich men's fancies.
Hublot especially, I hated. It seemed all their designs were based solely for the use of random new materials for material's sake.
I see now that the company can not only subjugate this method, as well as do something incredibly noble with their creation, and
use the funds to invest in something other than themselves- the technical history of the human race. It might be a PR move, but
it was a noble one. The donation of the funds, as well as the watches to museums, is a nice twist.

Yet again, however, our culture of participation is damningly obvious to me, for even as a Purist, and a watchmaker, it is something
I can only comment on, never own. Our forum is commentary on the dreams affordable only by those who own small countries.

Fortunately in the Antikythera, history is a heritage ultimately owned by us all. To know of some things is enough.
I can take solace in that.

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